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About Tracy

 I was watching my mom as she was creating some earrings and asked her to  show me how to do this some day.  Well that day came in 2017.  Although  it wasn`t until August of 2018 when I started to get serious as my  passion for it grew after I found out I had breast cancer.  While waiting  to have radiation treatment, I was talking with another a lady who was also taking treatment and  she noticed my earrings.  I happened to be wearing angel earrings and  told her these are my guardian Angel's who watch over me.  She asked me  if I made and sold them, I told her yes I did make them and  have not sold any.  She then asked me if she could buy some.  After realizing the need to reach out for those who were experiencing similar challenges as myself,  my passion now is putting a smile on another person's face. When I do this it is a blessing that makes my day.

Tracy Shea